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Upload a single letter or a batch of letters to mail within seconds. Multiple upload options including file upload and optical character recognition (OCR).
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Select from USPS® First-Class Mail®, Certified Mail® or Priority Mail® and submit it for mailing with just a few clicks safely and securely.
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Track every mail piece throughout the USPS delivery cycle. View and download images of letters mailed and Return Receipt Electronic® signatures.
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Automated Mailings
Send letters automatically. We take care of printing, inserting, and entry into the USPS® mail stream.
Price List
DescriptionBase Pricing
First-Class® Letter (#10 Envelope)$1.23   per letter
First-Class® Letter (9x12 Envelope)$2.65   per letter
Certified Mail® Letter (#10 Envelope)$7.79   per letter
Certified Mail® Letter (9x12 Envelope)$9.10   per letter
Certified Mail® with RRE® Letter (#10 Envelope)$10.41   per letter
Certified Mail® with RRE® Letter (9x12 Envelope)$11.97   per letter
Priority Mail® Flat Rate Envelope$14.85   per letter
Priority Mail® Flat Rate Box$28.40   per box
Additional Pages$0.10   per page
Color Print$0.20   per page
Additional USPS® Postage$0.28   per additional ounce
CASS™/NCOALink® (only available through Mail Letter API)$0.05   per letter

- Base pricing includes postage for a one-ounce letter. Additional fees apply for letters over one ounce (except for Priority Mail®).

- Additional page charge starts after the first-page printed simplex. The second page printed either duplex or simplex incurs an additional page charge.

- Color print charge starts on the first page printed (if color print is required).

- #10 envelopes can hold up to 5 pages inserted including coversheet.

- 9x12 envelopes can hold up to 50 pages printed including coversheet.

- Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes can hold up to 100 pages printed including coversheet.

- Letters are mailed within 1-2 business days after the order is placed.

- Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes can hold up to 1250 pages printed including coversheet.

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